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Dear colleague,

We urgently need your help.

The Planning Commission of the Federal Government has set up a group of experts

to support their workforce on pharmacists and pharmaceutical technical assistants in Belgium. UPIP-VAPI has been contacted as expert to represent the pharmacists of the pharmaceutical industry.

Mounir Rizowsky and I attended the first webex with statisticians of the Federal Government to support the analysis and interpretation of data on the Belgian pharmacists.

We received the following question as homework, for which we require your urgent input:

The Federal Government would like to classify the self-employed pharmacists per sector (pharmacy - hospital pharmacy - pharmaceutical distribution and industry), but does not have access to sufficient data on these activities.

If this is not possible or there is too much doubt, we are forced to limit the information regarding their self-employed activity to the level of PA (= various activities).

We would like to use the NACE codes as basis for classification. In annex we added a list of NACE codes per function. For clarification, these are NACE codes linked to the activity sector of the self-employed person and not to the company or institution in which the pharmacist is working in.

Your tasks:

Task 1 (most urgent): Can you please send us the NACE codes of your company that you have registered for your pharma activities. If possible with some explanation why, i.e. the type of activities. Also please indicate which NACE code best describes your main activity.

You can use this exercise also to have a look at the NACE codes (see annexNace List) and see if there aren’t any that would be (more) suitable to your activities. Please also let these know, e.g.

74.909 Overige gespecialiseerde wetenschappelijke en technische activiteiten

86.909  Autres activités pour la santé humaine n.c.a.

Task 2 (optional):

Can you run through the list of NACE codes in Tableau 15 in the “No Info” column, and indicate which NACE code you would:

  • Certainly leave in, because this can be linked to a pharmaceutical activity of self-employed pharmacists
  • Certainly remove, because it is NOT at all a pharmaceutical activity of self-employed pharmacists.

In this way we can get the pharmacists of the industry out of the “No Info” column of the NACE list and make them appear as a separate group in the document.

Please send your answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the 14th of August. Thank you very much in advance for your support.

Best regards,


Frank Peeters


T. +32 (0)479 299103