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afmpsLogoL’AFMPS sort son rapport annuel 2018 : le patient toujours au centre des préoccupations et une volonté continue d’innover et de rester un partenaire de qualité

Pour en savoir plus, découvrez les réalisations 2018 de l’AFMPS dans son rapport annuel digital , et donnez votre avis via le sondage en ligne.

FamhpLogoHet FAGG publiceert het jaarverslag 2018 : de patiënt blijft centraal staan en het FAGG blijft vastberaden streven naar innovatie om een kwalitatieve partner te blijven

Om meer te weten, ontdek alle realisaties 2018 van het FAGG in het digitale jaarverslag. Het FAGG nodigt u ook uit om uw mening over het jaarverslag te geven via een online-bevraging.

The GDP Certification Training , held on 18 September 2018 at Eumedica was a great success.
All attendees were certified. Congratulations to them.

Slides of the presentation are available below (Members only).

FAGG-AFMPS is issuing its annual report that you can discover in the documents attached on the links below.

Participation of UPIP-VAPI to the General Assembly of the European Industrial Pharmacists Group (EIPG).

The minutes of the Strategies & Qualification methodologies for Visual Inspection meeting

The minutes are here (pdf)

Seminar on “New and Emerging Regulations”,

Sldeshows and minutes

A survey on potential future role for pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry

Our Newsletter is available !

Read it now!

UPIP-VAPI was a union of industrial pharmacists, but in the meantime has adjusted its statutes to become a platform for all pharmacists active in the pharmaceutical industry and for those interested in its activities.

Mounir Rizovsky (Vice-President) and Thomas Lion (Board member and EIPG delegate) represented UPIP-VAPI at the last EIPG General Assembly in Malta on 20th and 21st May.