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Who are we, and what can UPIP-VAPI mean to you?

UPIP-VAPI is a professional Union which has a clear and progressive view on the pharmacist’s goal to guarantee the quality of all products manufactured by a pharmaceutical company. We are a platform for all pharmacists active in the pharmaceutical industry and for those interested in its activities. The organisation has over 300 members from all branches of the pharmaceutical industry.

Our professional association dates back to 1953.

We strive to:

  • To prepare, guide, inform, support and represent the pharmacist in the 'Life Sciences'.
  • To represent the members' interests at national and international bodies.
  • To liaise closely with complementary professional unions.
  • To provide input to continuously improve national and European legislation.
  • To create a forum aimed at exchanging technical assessments and industrial experience.
  • To enhance networking and social contacts amongst members.

Since the founding, we organise meetings on hot topics and a number of social activities. One of the goals is to increase the name and fame of VAPI-UPIP within the Pharmaceutical programme.
Members pay an annual fee of 105 euro, but students graduating as Pharmacists in the industrial pharmacy can join for free the first year. For more information, please contact our president or the secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
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  • Organising high-quality programs and interactive sessions.
  • Maintaining contacts with universities and guiding educational organisations in their 'Industrial pharmacist' schooling.
  • Actively participate in international initiatives and/or working groups.
  • Acknowledgement of VAPI/UPIP by the regulator as the official voice of the pharmacist in 'Life Sciences'.
  • Expand the renewed communication
  • Transform hot topics from the members into tangible initiatives through autonomous working groups.
  • Diversifying the discussion topics for the pharmacist in 'Life Sciences'.

VAPI-UPIP is a member of the European Industrial Pharmacist Group (EIPG). This association joins 15 national unions, which allows it to defend the professional interests of more than 10,000 pharmacists with the European authorities.